My name is Marek. At 16 years old I had my left lower leg amputated after a train accident which was caused by me. I will not say to anybody that my life is the same, everything is ok and actually nothing happened to me. That would be a lie. However, life can be quite rich if you learn some principles which will take you through your life without a leg/"with leg". I will highlight some of them which helped me:

Image titlePrinciple no. 1 - walking on it feels great,however, it is still a plastic, which you have to get acustomed to and if your leg gives you a sign: rest! you will not change that. This is one of the two principles which is very difficult to set in your head and adhere to it.

Principle no. 2 - the prosthesis breaks when the impact from height is more then 1 meter - in fact every time!

Principle no. 3 - pass the driving lesson and then drive the car is the right approach without any doubts, although the driving instructor has very frightened face when you announce to him that your feelings on the clutch are not great.

Principle no. 4 - playing football isnt that good, but nothing stops you to get a training license and become a football trainer.

Principle no. 5 - your dancing skills may not be great but you can still go to the festivals and concerts (at this point I want to refer to principle no. 1 and no. 2).

Principle no. 6 - so far it dont look like the scientists found out how to grow our legs back.  So you have to put up with it and dont limit yourself.

Principle no. 7 - it is possible to graduate as well as find and keep a job. Both is equally annoying with or without a leg according to my colleagues. Truly the leg will not avoid it!

Principle no. 8 - if you respect principles no. 1 and 2 and you will have some money left from attending do's  from principle no. 5, you can still arrange to go to various one day trips, multi day trips or even pretty long holidays.


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